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Join us and embrace the Challenge to Change. We are excited to share new strategies and tools to help you confidentially implement a proactive sales strategy. 


Scroll down to see the webinar dates and times and make sure to register for each event. Each class is offered 2 times a week. When you register, follow the steps it takes you through and you will receive a zoom invite.

Happy Training!

Upcoming Courses and Registration

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Proactive Sales Call Follow Up

After completing out LIXIL university fall program, lets follow up and see how you're doing with the new tricks and tips you've learned. 

Previous Courses and Recordings


Uncertainty and Intro to Proactive Sales

We are sure you are doing a great job. But do you know how to continue to grow your sales in the future? Do you have a plan? Proactive sales will let you take the uncertainty of the future head on and be in the driver of your growth, rather than a passenger.


GROHE and AS Technical Tips and Tricks

Want to be like Ken Samson and Vinny Arnese? Learn how to troubleshoot like a pro with these simple Tips and Tricks for our most popular GROHE and AS products.


Builder Sales and Talking to Customers' Customers

Who is your customer? If you said the wholesaler, you are forgetting who really buys LIXIL product. Learn to reach the Customers’ Customer, our actual consumer, and truly increase the demand for products in your area. The Builder Program is a powerful tool designed to “Build” loyalty, learn how to listen and deliver on your builder’s needs.


Add-On Sales and Follow-Ups

Which is easier, selling more to an existing wholesaler or finding a new wholesaler? LIXIL offers over 60,000 skus, and your existing customers are buying something from a competitor that they could be buying from us. Learn how to grow where you are with Add-Ons and Follow-Ups.


Thinking Creatively

We want you to think outside the box....we know "buzz words....yuck" indulge us here, you might have a routine that works, and you have stuck to it for years but challenge yourself to modify your approach. That is what Thinking creatively is all about- looking at your approach and seeing if you can improve it.


Specs with ATS

Lets review the powerful new ATS specification tool!


How to Sell DXV to Designers

You asked for it, and here it is: How to Sell DXV. No doubt this luxury brand COULD sell itself, but it doesn’t have to. Learn the brand benefits and features that matter to designers so you can make a bigger impact.


The Power of Salesforce 

If you think you don’t need or like Salesforce, there’s a good chance you don’t know all the features Salesforce has for you to grow your sales and streamline your day. View a Day in the Life of Salesforce and become a sales rep of the future, today!


B2B Digital Sales and Using SproutLoud Effectively

Our wholesalers are delving into a whole new channel with online B2B platforms, how can you position LIXIL products in this new world? Join us to learn how to be a digital consultant for your wholesalers and leverage the power of SproutLoud digital marketing.


Going Forward

You made it through...Great Job? But what's next? For our final week, we will summarize everything you’ve learned and where to go from here. Changing behavior is difficult, you need to make a plan and plan to stick to it.

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