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Are you frequently on the road needing immediate access to content/literature on products ?
Showpad is a sales tool that gives you access to presentations, media, and literature. It gives you the ability to share the content to your customers instantly. The application is best used on an iPad and is available on Android devices and as a web version.

Swipe through the pictures on the iPad above to see the different features that Showpad offers.

The content has been organized by different brands and you will only be able to see what brand you represent. Inside the brands there are categorized based on the content. 

The videos below are tutorials on how to navigate Showpad on both the iPad/tablet and the desktop. If you have any questions please reach out to one of us.

ShowPad Tutorial - Overview
ShowPad Tutorial - Sharing Assets
ShowPad Tutorial - Desktop Overview
Showpad Tutorial - How to Log In
Showpad Tutorial - Collections
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