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Did you do yours today? 
LIXIL Learn is a Training tool that uses micro learning and gamification. Reps play to win and have the ability to learn and earn points for rewards.
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No one is perfect, so if we did make a mistake we want to reward you! If you find an error with one of our questions or answers, fill out the form below so we can look into it. 


In order to make learning more interesting, LIXIL Learn has games with questions in between to attract more users to play every day. You can experiment to see which games you like or dislike. If you don’t have time for games that is okay, there is an option to just answer the questions and receive points. 


The questions are either multiple choice or select that apply. One of the unique things about LIXIL Learn is that you are asked to assess your confidence level, the algorithm then takes that into consideration on how many times you see a question.

Questions Answered

Once you select the answer and the confidence level the question will immediately tell you whether you are correct or incorrect. It will also tell you what the right answer is if you are wrong. The reward points will be given to you immediately.


At the end of your questions you recieve a quick synopsis on how many points you've recieved and the questions you've answered correctly to get a understanding of your knowledge and performance


LIXIL Learn has implemented a rewards system. The more questions you get right, the more points you receive which you can bid on to win gift cards! It gives you an incentive to play everyday.

Top Performers

LIXIL Learn allows you to view the performances of others on the same team as you. It helps bring out the competitive side so that you can learn more and earn more points

Discovery Zone

The discovery zone tab helps users to learn more with the information provided. This will ultimately help them earn more rewards points with the new information learned
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